7 Tips How to Write a Great Research Paper Title

September 20, 2018

“Title my paper” is one of the most popular internet inquiries in the circle of college students. We all know the power of the first words in a book. It’s the same case with titles of academic papers. Writing an academic work takes much efforts and time. Students puzzle over the […]

5 Tips How to Write a Research Paper without Plagiarism

September 14, 2018

  How to Avoid Plagiarism when Writing a Research Paper Did you know that copying the content of other authors may result in the negative mark on your assignment without a permission to re-submit your work or even dismissal? Now you know. Good news is that we know […]

How to Write a Research Paper in Social Science

September 7, 2018

Research paper outline in social science, like in any other sciences, is a skeleton of your future work. As a rule, it involves basic sections, such as introduction, methodology, findings (results), discussion, and conclusion. Technical sections of the work, including acknowledgement, summary, abstract, table of contents, references and […]

Quick Guide How to Start Your College Admission Essay

August 11, 2018

A college admission essay requires creating a paper where a student has to tell the admission committee about themselves. This work is quite important because the decision about your rejection or acceptance in the particular college will be done according to this paper. Look through our college admissions essay tips and create a […]

How to Write a Research Proposal: a Study Guide

August 10, 2018

Every student, who plans or thinks about becoming a researcher, must present his (or her) research proposal to the Thesis Committee. Well, what is a research proposal exactly? A Finished work of such type of writing is needed only by those students, who decided to plan on becoming […]