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How to make an annotated bibliography with the help of a writing service

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In this article, we are going to share information about the annotated bibliography definition and structure as well as explain what formats you can use for writing. We will also tell you what benefits of ordering your task online at a trustworthy service you can get using an affordable essay writing company for students.

How to write an annotated bibliography: definition and general information

Before you start writing an annotated bibliography, let’s look at its definition. This is a list of sources that contains a brief evaluation and description of each source. Depending on your task you may be required to analyze, summarize, reflect, critique or evaluate them. In general, this document can be an independent paper or a part of some project.

Now it’s time to figure out what the main goals of this document are:

  • it makes a review of sources (literature or certain topic)
  • this document helps to show the depth and quality of your reading
  • it can help other readers to find interesting information on a certain subject
  • this paper organizes sources accurately for future research
  • it shows the number of various sources (these can be books, magazines, websites, articles, newspapers, etc.) that are available for a particular subject

Here we’d like to mention that a usual bibliography also contains a list of cited sources, but unlike the annotated bibliography, it doesn’t include an evaluation of each and every source you include into it.

So, any annotated bibliography paper should contain citations with a short annotation. The annotation shouldn’t exceed 200 words for each source, but you have to clarify this under your teacher’s or professor’s requirements. Make sure you have also considered with your teacher all the needed information about details you should put into your document.

The next important issue is using a correct format for annotated bibliography. In general, the format can be various, but actually, there are two main formats used for this work — MLA and APA styles. Sometimes you can also be required to make a Turabian style annotated bibliography, it’s possible to find a good sample of such document online. Read our article to the end and discover requirements for both of these formats.

We have gathered all rules for both of the styles, so you can easily follow them and make a great document in accordance with all instructions you received. We share only the main formatting rules, but if you are in need of a detailed instruction for either MLA or APA format, you can easily find a list of full requirements on the Internet.

Annotated bibliography sample MLA

If you’re required to write the document in MLA format, write the information of used citations in this order to create your document correctly:

  1. Start with the author’s first and last name
  2. Write the source’s title (in italics)
  3. Write the title of a container (in italics)
  4. Include information about translators, editors, and illustrators of the book
  5. Specify the source’s edition version
  6. List the volume number if your source is taken from the book that is a part of a book series
  7. Write the publisher’s name
  8. Specify the date of publication. Be attentive here, because it may have several dates, for example, the publication of a paper book and an internet publication
  9. Write the book’s location. If you work with a book, it should be a real place, and if it’s the internet, you should paste the link

APA format for annotated bibliography

This annotated bibliography consists of a reference list and in-text citations, plus certain guidelines for formatting the document itself. When you need to make a paper in this format, don’t forget to read all instructions thoroughly. A bibliography writer must read the main requirements of this style:

  1. Type your text using a well-readable font. APA guidelines recommend 12pt. Times New Roman. You have to set 1-inch margins for all sides
  2. The document’s each page must have a running header; this is a short variant of your title, and it shouldn’t be longer than 50 characters
  3. In accordance with APA requirements, the work should contain 4 quite important pieces: the title, the body part, references and the abstract

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